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 Premade rules and how to play your class in premades.

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Premade rules and how to play your class in premades. Empty
PostSubject: Premade rules and how to play your class in premades.   Premade rules and how to play your class in premades. Icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 10:55 am

Alright i've done a few premades with alot of you and so far most of you dont know what a raid warning is, Listen to them i dont use them for random shit heres a few rules you MUST follow if you want a good ammount of Honor kills

General Rules:
1. Listen to the raid leader
2. Stay within range of healers at ALL times, if your not in range the healers wont come to you so eventually you will die and dont rage its your own fault
3. If you see a enemy healer trying to cast a healing spell and your in range to interrupt or silence them then do so but dont go out of range just to stop them from healing
4. If your told to go somewhere dont stop the kill an enemy rush through them and get to where your supposed to be
5. STICK TOGETHER! If its WSG everyone sticks together if its EoTS or AB you will be put into the correct groups and stick together in your groups, if you need help your group leader will tell the raid leader and 1 person from each group will be sent to help out.

DPS Rules:
1. This goes for rogues and Feral druids, yes you can stealth well done you figured out one of your main skills, just because you cant be seen by most of the enemy team dont mean you can run away from the rest of the group and there may also be other rogues out there so be smart and stick with the group.
2. Silence healers/spellcaster you all have spells and abilitys that allow you to stun/silence/interupt a spellcast.
Heres a list of abilitys/spells you can use:

Warriors: Charge, Intercept, Intimidating Shout, Pummel, Shield bash.
Paladin: Hammer of Justice, Repentance.
Rogue: Sap, Cheapshot, Garrote, Kidney shot, Blind, Kick, Gouge, Deadlythrow (with pvp gloves only).
Priest: Psychic scream, Silence.
Mage: Counterspell, Polymorph, Frost Nova(chance to interupt).
Warlock: Death coil, Fear, Howl of Terror, Felhunters spell lock, Succubus's Seduction, Curse of Tongues(increases casting time by 60%)
Druid: Cyclone, Bash, Feral charge, Maim, Pounce.
Shaman: Earthshock, Grounding totem.
Hunter: Silencing shot, scatter shot, Concussive shot (20% stun if talented), Wyvern sting, Freezing trap.

Theres also lots of other items like bombs from engineering and so on so have alook around and see what would help most.

3. Kill clothies first and work your way up to the plate.
4. Try stay on the same target for maximum damage.
5. Anything that can reduce healing effects on that target or slow there movement speed use it for example hamstring, shiv+wounding poison, Mortal strike or blizzard if you spec'd imp blizzard are just 4 examples of abilities that slow or reduce healing.
6. If a healers getting attacked and you can help out do so remember keep our healers alive and we all live.

Spelldps Rules:
1. Start attacking plate and work your way down through the type of armor.
2. Silence healers/spelldps <-- rule 2 of DPS rules.
3. Try attack the same target for maximum damage.
4. Slow reduce healing effects <-- rule 5 of DPS rules.
5. If you can use LoS to your advantage to get away from some ranged dps do so but make sure your still in LoS of a healer.
6. Keep healers alive <-- rule 6 of DPS rules.

Healers Rules:
1. Try not to heal the same target only if they are getting nuked.
2. If you can Cleanse an effect make sure you do so but dont waste mana.
3. Stick together and make sure you heal each other.
4. If your target goes out of range for you to heal them, dont run after them its there own fault for going out of range move onto another target.
5. Make sure you buff everyone that you can.

First thing we do is obviously buff up and sort the teams out everyone moves together as 1 group and no one stops to attack an enemy just get the flag and cap it twice once someone has the flag 1 healer and 2 dps will escort them back to the base to cap the flag, once it has been capped there will be another team that will do the exact same thing, once capped again everyone will be inside there base at their flag waiting for the main flag to arrive to take the flag off who ever picked it up the 3rd time, at that point we will all move together to the destination the raid leader says, i myself personally like it behind the path just before there spawning hill as it has LoS we can use to our advantage and also they have to come to us which is always nice, once we have enough honor kills or people vote we end it the flag carrier with 1 healer and 2 dps will go cap the flag while the rest of the team either gather some more honor kills or retrive our own flag if taken.

This is based mainly on WSG as thats what we will be doing most.

These are basic rules everyone must follow if we are to be succesful 100% of the time, if you want help specing your class or some help learning abit more about your class and what its capable of just ask me or sayuki were always willing to help a guild member.

Premade rules and how to play your class in premades. Saekosigkyouufubar
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Premade rules and how to play your class in premades.
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